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General Information


The International Convention Centre
Broad Street
B1 2EA

Delegate Handbook

Information for delegates attending the conference can be found in the
delegate handbook (PDF, 4MB)

Keynote Speakers:

  • Nobel Laureate: Sir Konstantin NovoselovUniversity of Manchester, UK
  • Sir John PendryImperial College London, UK
  • Professor Z L WangGeorgia Institute of Technology, USA
  • Professor I Robinson University College London, UK
  • Professor W Zapka XaarJet AB
  • Professor J Lyding University of Illinois, USA

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Key Dates:

  • Abstract Submission:16 April 2012(midnight BST)
  • Acceptance Notification:May 2012
  • Full Paper Submission:20 June 2012
  • Early Registration Deadline31 May 2012

General Chair:

Co-General Chair:

Supported by

Nanoscale Physics and Technology Group

12th International Conference on Nanotechnology - Exhibition


If you are interested in the exhibiting at IEEE NANO 2012, please contact Edward Jost by email at Edward.jost@iop.org or Tel: +44 (0)117 930 1026. Please also note the cancellation policy

Confirmed exhibitors

Agilent Technologies

As the world's premier measurement company, Agilent offers the broadest range of innovative measurement solutions in the industry. At IEEE Nano 2012 we will be presenting our unique Scanning Microwave Microscopy (SMM) technique and associated core products (Impedance Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Atomic Force Microscopes etc). SMM is a truly innovative technique capable of mapping at the nanoscale calibrated materials physical properties such as impedance, capacitance, dielectric constants, dopant density

Stand number:23


AIXTRON is a leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry. The Company's technology solutions are used by a diverse range of customers worldwide to build advanced components for electronic and opto-electronic applications based on compound, silicon, or organic semiconductor materials, as well as Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and other nanomaterials.

Stand number:18


AMO, Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mikro- und Optoelektronik mbH, is your partner in the area of nanofabrication. We support you with focused research & development and the entire infrastructure required for nanotechnology as well as a highly motivated young team.
AMO is a research service provider for nanofabrication, a pathfinder for your exceptional demands and your partner in nanofabrication from prototyping to production.

Stand number:15


Analytik are exclusive UK/Ireland suppliers of the CPS Disc Centrifuge UHR – an extremely powerful analytical tool for ultra-high resolution, high accuracy measurement of particle size distribution. Based on the technique of Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation (DCS), the instrument offers the unique ability to distinguish extremely small shifts in particle size (2nm to 80 micron)

Stand number:6B

Asylum Research

Asylum Research is the technology leader in scanning probe/atomic force microscopes (SPM/AFM) for materials and bioscience applications. Asylum’s Cypher™ AFM sets the new standard as the world’s fastest and highest resolution AFM. The MFP-3D™ AFM offers unprecedented precision and flexibility with a multitude of environmental accessories and easy integration with most commercially-available inverted optical microscopes.

Stand number:1

Cryogenic Ltd

Cryogenic leads the market in cryogen free technology and offers a large variety of measurement facilities in a helium free environment. This includes Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Specific Heat, AC susceptibility, Resistivity Measurements and Thermal conductivity. Offered with a field of up to 22 Tesla and ultra-low temperatures down to 300 mK with a top loading He-3 insert or down to 25 mk with a DR. Cryogenic has now delivered cryogen free SQUID Magnetometers with a sensitivity of 10-8.

Stand number:17

E M Resist Ltd.

Electron beam specialists for imaging EBL and analysis. Manufcturers of SML resist technology. UK and Eire agent for Raith GmbH. Electron beam service, support and upgrades.

Stand number:9


EUMINAfab, is a European infrastructure for micro and nanaofabrication offering no fee open access to state of the art equipment and expertise in micro and nano fabrication and characterisation. The consortium of 12 partners offers users, from industry or academia, the possibility of the use of one or more of over 70 technologies in the areas of micro and nano structuring, thin films, replication and characterisation. The access is normally for periods ranging form a few hours to several days. Specific information relating to the technologies can be found on the project web page www.euminafab.eu. the technology experts are also available for consultation prior to the submission of an application. Access can be applied for during the current call for proposals using the application form to be found under downloads on the web page. Proposals are handled upon receipt and access may start even before the call deadline. Access to the installations and the necessary expertise is supported by EU funding under FP7 Capacities programme, the conditions for no fee access are that the user is from an organisation in an EU member or associated state and that the results will be published.

For further information you are welcome to contact susan.anson@kit.edu
Tel:0049 721 608 2 8103.

Stand number:22

EV Group

EV Group (EVG) is a world leader in wafer-processing solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and nanotechnology applications. Through its flexible manufacturing model, EVG develops reliable, high-quality, low-cost-of-ownership systems that are easily integrated into customers’ fab lines. Key products include wafer bonding, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL), metrology, photoresist coating, cleaning and inspection equipment.

Stand number:14


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is Europe's leading organisation of engineering and technology professionals with 150,000 members in 127 countries. It provides a range of publications including the world-renowned Electronics Letters and its sister journal Micro & Nano Letters. More information and free sample copies are available from stand 19.

Stand number:19

IOPP - Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology publishes the latest in nanoscale research, including biology and medicine, electronics and photonics, energy, sensing and actuating, patterning and fabrication, and materials - both properties and synthesis. It also features a leading portfolio of topical reviews and special issues. The first journal to be launched in nanoscale research Nanotechnology continues to pioneer the field.

Stand number:21

Mantis Deposition

Mantis Deposition are a specialist instrumentation company, developing deposition components and systems for thin film coating community. Our products are designed for all cutting-edge materials research (nanocoatings, pud, mbe, Graphene, surface science) and pre-production coating applications

Stand number:20

Nano KTN

The role of the NanoKTN is to simplify the nanotechnology Innovation landscape by providing a clear and focused vehicle for the rapid transfer of high-quality information on technologies, markets, funding and partnering opportunities.

Stand number:6a

Nanoscribe GmbH

Nanoscribe produces compact and easy-to-operate table-top laser lithography systems (Photonic Professional) for the fabrication of true 3D micro- and nanostructures in various photoresists. Fields of application: photonics, photonic waveguides and wire bonds, metamaterials, micro-optics, micro-fluidics, micro rapid prototyping, biomimetics, scaffolds for cell biology.

Stand number:2

NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH

Netzsch are a leading supplier of Thermal Analysis instruments used to characterise materials as a function of temperature. Properties that can be measured include energy changes, mass changes, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity in the field of Nanotechnology. Please visit Netzsch on Stand 4 to see the latest instruments.

Stand number:4


Omicron NanoTechnology is the world’s leading supplier of UHV surface science instrumentation in nanotechnology research. We create innovative instrumentation with state-of-the-art performance and combine analytical tools into sophisticated multi-technique systems spanning a diverse range of surface analysis techniques. This includes SPM, Thin Film/MBE, and Electron Spectroscopy. This is our “multi-technique” philosophy.

Stand number: 5

Oxford Instruments Nanoscience

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology offers flexible process tools and leading-edge processes for the precise, controllable, repeatable etching, deposition and growth of micro- and nano-structures. Systems provide process solutions for the micro- and nanometre engineering of materials for semiconductor, optoelectronics, HBLED, PV, MEMS & microfluidics, high quality optical coating and many applications in micro- and nanotechnology.
Core technologies:

  • Plasma Etch & Deposition
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Ion Beam Etch & Deposition
  • Deep Silicon Etch

Stand number:4


QuantumWise specializes in fast and reliable atomic-scale modeling solutions, delivered via an easy-to-use interface. The software package is called Atomistix ToolKit (ATK), and is used by leading academic groups and commercial companies in the areas of materials for electronic devices, catalysis, new emerging electronic devices, graphene materials and other new nanoscale materials.

Stand number:16

Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

The Southampton Nanofabrication Centre (SNC) offers nano and micro technology services to industry and academia. The SNC is a £100m nanofabrication facility housing a 900m cleanroom area with the latest and most advanced tool sets on the market. At the SNC a broad range of processing and characterisation technologies are available. For enquiries, please contact Dr Carsten Gollasch (cg09v@ecs.soton.ac.uk) or visit www.southampton-nanofab.com .

Stand number:13

Technoorg Linda Ltd

Technoorg Linda Ltd operates in several fields of Nanotechnology. One of the main activities of the company is the development and manufacture of ion technology based instruments connected to transmission, and scanning electron microscopy. For the monitoring of nano particles during industrial processing (such as composite materials, ceramic powders, paints) the Nano LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometer) has been developed. This will measure particle size and velocity - in the range of 50 – 500 nm , resp. 0.01 – 200 m/sec - and also the concentration of the different sizes. .

Stand number:7

If you are interested in the exhibiting at IEEE NANO 2012, please contact Edward Jost by email at Edward.jost@iop.org or Tel: +44 (0)117 930 1026